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About Us

Stepping on Out staff
Stepping on Out Staff

We are a not for profit organisation, run by people with learning disabilities and have been up and running since September 2004. We are based in Richmond upon Thames, and were originally formed at Richmond Adult Community College. Click to learn more about our history.

Our aim is to enable people with disabilities to gain independence away from a college or day care environment. We make our own greetings cards, bookmarks and other goods which we sell at various venues in the Borough to raise funds for our business.

We all work very hard to make our business a success and eventually hope to employ other people with disabilities to help us with production and administration.

Our Vision
"For a world where adults with a learning disability have personal control and fulfillment in their own lives, enjoying equal participation with the general community."

Our Mission
To provide effective and fulfilling opportunities for adults with a learning diability within the general community of Richmond upon Thames to develop the essential skills and work experience needed for future employment.

In so doing we will empower our beneficiaries to have personal choice, consultation and responsibility as voting members and support them to gain independence, inclusion and to exercise their civil rights, running their own business within the community.

Our Funding
Over the years we have received help from many different organisations but at the moment (November 2013), our only external funding comes from the Hampton Fuel Allotment Charity and the Normansfield and Richmond Foundation.

Strategic Aims & Outcomes

1. For adults with a learning disability to experience more personal choice, control and fulfilment in their daily lives: To provide accessible policies and opportunities that enable local adults with a learning disability to participate in the development of an enriching work environment and new company infrastructure. (MEMBERSHIP/CONSULTATION)

2. For adults with a learning disability to have the opportunities to acquire the skills needed for mainstream employment: To provide effective and fulfilling work and skills training programmes for local adults with a learning disability. (SKILLS)

3. For adults with a learning disability to be able to gain the inclusion, independence and work experience needed for personal development and future mainstream employment: To enable local adults with a learning disability to exercise their individual rights and develop personal responsibility whilst operating a small business in the community. (EXPERIENCE)

4. For adults with a learning disability to receive effective person-centred support that assists them to develop their potential: To provide coordinated and holistic support for local adults with a learning disability, including person-centred planning, business facilitation and daily support. (SUPPORT)

5. To act prudently to provide to provide a secure base for the sustainability of Stepping on Out: To become an independent charity with good governance, competent business advisors and sound administration. (PRUDENCE)

6. To promote the identity, reputation and future development of Stepping on Out: To have skilled/resourced trustee board, reliable income stream and effective partnerships. (AMBITION)

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